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4 Button Proximity Key - KR5S180144106

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FCC ID: KR5S180144106

OEM Reference: 285E3-6FL2A and 285E3-6FL2B

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a. Search by Make, Model and Year.
b. Matching the OEM part number to our reference is the #1 method.
c. Match visual appearance (number of buttons, type, blade style.
d. Match FCC ID Number.
e. Match Frequency.
f. Match transponder type.

It is a unique identifier assigned to a device registered with the United States Federal Communications Commission. This identifier is tipically stamped or printed on the OEM remote to help users match replacement parts to the vehicle.

Most modern remotes range from 315Mhz-902Mhz. It is critical to match the frequency of the replacement remote with the original. This information is available on our website in the product information section.

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